Tuesday 30 June 2015

Zrazy - You Make Me Happy

Maria Walsh - Flute
There were real narratives not just imagined ones from Zrazy at London's Surya (28/05/2015). You don't need me to tell you that too much time is spent in imagined worlds, toying with the fanciful or indulging in inspections of one's own navel. Zrazy supplied the antidote, there was authenticity without worthiness, an absence of bullshit, good tunes and fine voices.

Carole Nelson - Keys
Although it was late in May, Zrazy's 'Come Out Everybody' gave us all an excuse to stretch out in the metaphorical sun, unroll ourselves in satisfaction. There was a slow pull to our spines like a cat elongating itself in one of those public displays of flexibility. Despite the physicality of the song that oozed the shoulders into relaxed hillocks it was also a song of celebration. Just a few hours earlier the Republic of Ireland had announced the result of Thirty-fourth Amendment of the Constitution Referendum. Yes, it was a Yes in favour of same-sex marriage. Yes.

Maria Walsh
This was a chance for Maria Walsh (voice, percussion and flute) and Carole Nelson (keys and voice) to express themselves with their new single 'You Make Me Happy'. Joyous and unashamedly.... well....happy.

You'll never guess how Zrazy made us feel.


In July Zrazy are touring to support their 2nd single release, 'Heaven is Here' from the forthcoming album 'The Art of Happy Accidents' due out in autumn 2015.
Bierkeller, Manchester, UK - 23rd July 2015
Tramlines Festival, Sheffield - 25th July 2015
The Finsbury, London - 26th July 2015

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