Thursday 1 September 2016

Mood Indigo - TW12 Jazz Festival

Dawn Cooper
Dave O'Higgins
Mood Indigo
Terence Collie - piano
Dave O'Higgins - saxophone
Richard Sadler - bass
Chris Nicholls - drums
Dawn Cooper - voice
Janet McCunn - voice

Date - 24th July 2016
Venue -
Hampton Hill Theatre

Richard Sadler
Future events
4th September -  Riverside Arts Jazz - Celebrating Coltrane feat. Simon Allen
21th October - Jazz Cafe Posk - Roberto Manzin, Weronika Bielecka
4th November Jazz Cafe Posk - Steve Rubie, Anna Clarke
11th December - Riverside Arts Jazz - Christmas Party TBA

Terence Collie
Mood Indigo are the talented Jazz outfit brought together under the identically named banner that organises concerts throughout South West London. The events organisation Mood Indigo is the brainchild of Terence Collie and Janet McCunn, the same duo who organise the TW12 Jazz Festival. Regular haunts for gigs include the Hampton Hill Theatre, Riverside Arts (Sunbury), CafĂ© Posk (Hammersmith) and the Richmond & Music and Drama Festival, but keep an eye open for pop-up gigs throughout the area. The TW12 Jazz Festival is the most high profile of their events and has been part of the London jazz calendar since 2013.

Chris Nickolls
Furious pulsing piano from the filigree of Terence Collie calls the Caravan, it charts a path between the knife edge of night and day. Wafting faintly from it as it passes is a whiff of chemical inducement, a mix energised by blood and beat. A flowering spew runs from the quartet of Collie, O'Higgins, Sadler and Nicholls into the TW12 audience, an impulsive retch of botanical cascades. There is a bawdiness to O'Higgins, he is the thickset boyfriend and Collie the wispy dame as they dance together. Nicholls is the bartender, running a tight ship and keeping his drinkers from falling over, while Sadler is the jolly at the bar, desperate for a good time. Like the best barflies he exists in a world of his own, generous with his wallet and his bass.

With a name like Things Ain't What They Used to Be and infused by the music the mind bathes in a stream all of its own. Rich roll, chocolate Swiss roll, roly poly, custard and ZX spectrums, block jump games and thick arm-wrestling cricketers.

Janet McCunn
Ellington's Mood Indigo leads us on a chiffon trail through translucent hearts. Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me continues the glide in the hands of vocalist Dawn Cooper, the smooth chrome lines give flight as we see our reflections in the flanks of an automobile. While All Too Soon zings like a cocktail, sharpening the eyes as they stare across the room, you cannot help but focus on our singers delicate wrists, the tilt of her head and an exposed neck that would welcome a kiss.


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