Thursday 1 September 2016

Southside Gypsy Trio - Djangocardiacs

Mike Guy
Mike Guy - accordion
Christian Miller - guitar
Eric Guy - double bass

Date - 24th July 2016
Venue -
Hampton Hill Theatre

Eric Guy
The popular TW12 Jazz Festival returns for another year under the guidance of Terence Collie and Janet McCunn. The Southside Gypsy Trio are an all-acoustic trio that include three of London’s finest musicians, coming together from varying musical backgrounds to pay tribute to Parisian culture of the twenties and thirties with a heart-warming repertoire of Gypsy Jazz classics, American songbook standards, and maybe the odd Musette waltz and Paso Doble thrown in for good measure.  In particular, the band features the forward-thinking compositions of Gus Viseur, the only accordion player to ever play in the Quintette Hot Club de France with the great Django Reinhardt. 

Entwined narratives, rolling minds, wandering hands set the scene of village meals where children hide under the tablecloths and spin make believe worlds. There are patterned shadows and burnt fingers in the music of the Southside Gypsy Trio. We lick our fingers clean of their musical grease, and our guilty smiles jerk across our faces. Whether they recount in novel or short or paragraph length you find yourself lost in the stories.

Christian Miller
Excuse the roll of lists than spring from the mind but they collect like pennies in a cloth cap. Coloured awnings and perpetually ascending stairwells rise to upper floor apartments. We hear the anthems for bumbling achievers, for this is the music for the dreamer or some would call us the contented failures. I am proud to be blackened by my various misdemeanours, and it is this war paint that brings me closer together to the people who sit beside me in the low-lit audience.


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