Tuesday 25 October 2016

Jonny Debt - Stranger fruit

Jonny Debt
Jonny Debt
Jonny Debt - vox, guitar
Adam Neumann - bass, vox
Josh(?) - drums

Adam Neumann
Date - 21st October 2016
Venue - OSLO, London, UK
Current Album - Sexy Cowboy (Porcelain Records, 2016)

Emerging out of the hot Hamilton music scene in Canada, Jonny Debt delivers charismatic performances and catchy alternative rock songs. His lyrics capture his unique pseudo-psychedelic approach, creating an appeal driven by universal themes and the magnetic personality of the band. 

Jonny’s vocal style, his five-finger banjo-style picking on guitar and “banjitar”, and songs, often with shades of Leonard Cohen and Van Morrison, brand him as a truly unique artist. Sexy Cowboy is the new album released in August 2016. 

There are sweet apples to pick from Jonny Debt's tree but the wild ones are the juiciest. Those that rise beside desolate roads on the Canadian map, a walk off-road, past taut wired fences. Droplets tremble from these steel lines in the early mornings, touch one on your tongue and it tastes of salt and ash. A heady mixture of Debt's perspirational performance and the smokiness of his persona.

Choose the 'Strange Like Trees' fruit, it will reward you with the richest brew.


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