Wednesday 12 October 2016

Samuel Eagles' SPIRIT - Inventions and Dimensions

Samuel Eagles
Samuel Eagles's SPIRIT
Samuel Eagles - alto saxophone
Duncan Eagles - tenor saxophone
Ralph Wyld - vibraphone
Sam Leak - piano
Max Luthert - bass
Dave Hamblett - drums

Ralph Wyld
Date - 6th October 2016
Venue - Inventions and Dimensions at the RamJam Club, Kingston, UK

Current Album - Next Beginning (2014)

Future performance of Samuel Eagles Spirit
The Spice of Life – Soho, London Jazz Festival - 11/11/2016
Jazz at Lescar – Sheffield - 10/05/2017
Southampton Modern Jazz Club - 4/06/2017
Kokomo – Guildford - 05/06/2017  
Jazz Co-op – Newcastle - 13/06/2017
The Sound Cellar – Poole - 15/06/2017
The Fleece – Colchester - 16/06/2017

Dave Hamblett
Future performance at Inventions and Dimensions
13th October - Partikel
20th October - Toy Rokit
27th October - Penelope Dreaming
3rd November - Andrew Bain International Quartet
10th November - Andre Canniere Sextet

London altoist Samuel Eagles grows his quartet into a sextet that is now his SPIRIT. This new host still captivates audiences with its ethereal and piercingly emotive brand of music. Dave Hamblett replaces Eric Ford on drums while Max Luthert is the new Ferg Ireland on bass. The two new instrumental and personnel additions to the band are Sam leak on piano (Aquarium) and brother Duncan Eagles playing tenor saxophone.

Max Luthert
My first return since the inaugural night of Inventions and Dimensions saw a full Ram Jam Club respond with heart and excitement to two complete sets of brand new material from Samuel Eagles. There aren't many like Eagles (S) who can cast a light so bright, such is his sensitivity that he has a warmth and brightness all of his own. His first album unveiled a Mediterranean sun, creating pools in which to dwell in, sometime to hide but mostly to think. Next Beginning was like a whole day in these stripes of light and dark, the midday bright cutting a razor sharp shadow while those of dawn and dusk were blurred, soft and inviting. There is more power in these latest tunes, a radiance that emanates from this quietly spoken champion. Samuel Eagles' SPIRIT will be releasing on Whirlwind Recordings in 2017.

Duncan Eagles
Spirit winds up the tiny toy of spring, with sun swirling a steaming dew, it is a satisfied breath. The veins spread out, flowing under the turf, pushing an intravenous kick. So much is hidden upon first listening yet we see the multitude of burrows bobbing golden hares and wild white rabbits.  Duncan Eagles doesn't forget his kicking horse roots despite being shoulder to shoulder with his Cheshire lynx brother. As always Duncan's cup runneth over, he fills his music to the brim and plays a game of spill and toss while Ralph Wyld is those fine rivulets that run down the sides.

Sam Leak
Hear His Voice is an exotic geometry, intricate circles talk in abstracts that overwhelm senses and sense. Sam Leak is an ornate spire, an ever embellishing balustrade, a kind of gormenghast of cross wires and pounding hearts. Those hearts are ours. The applause too.


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