Friday 24 February 2017

Juan Maria Solare - White shadows, black pool

Juan Maria Solare

Date - 20th February 2017
Venue - The Wren Church of St Martin Within Ludgate
Current album  -  "Sn" (Stannum / Estaño / Tin) released 19th Feb 2017

Future Performance
Sunday 19 March 2017 - Johanniterhaus Bremen gGmbH, Bremen, Germany
Sunday 07 May 2017 - Speicherbühne, Bremen, Germany
Sunday 03 September 2017 - Speicherbühne, Bremen, Germany
Wednesday 01 November 2017 - Johanniterhaus Bremen gGmbH, Bremen, Germany
Thursday 02 November 2017 - Kulturkirche St. Stephani, Bremen, Germany

A delicate and emotive concert by Juan Maria Solare in the pooling stillness of The Wren Church of St Martin Within Ludgate. Sitting in the shadow of its domineering cousin St Paul's Cathedral this little church hosts concerts every Monday lunchtime between 1.05pm and 3pm. Free entry. Next week, Mon 27th February 2017, is the Imperial College Chamber Choir with  Latin American Baroque music, including pieces by Padilla and De Araujo.

Solare's audience was a modest one compared to the masses who bustled and bumped just a few yards away on the overflowing London streets. The pews of the Ludgate Hill church were populated by a mysterious bunch of intriguing misfits. They came from many countries, with flaming redheads and dark Latin beauties, old men gently snoozed and young men sat tall, straight-backed and attentive. They watched Solare  as he sat beneath the dark wainscoting, his face underlit from his sheet music, catching the flecks in his salt and pepper beard.

The concert was titled White Shadows, a paradoxical term that can refer to problems in life that don't leave negative sequels or by-products. It also means: foreshadows of good things to come. And if shadows are like a mirror of our bodies (or souls), a 'White Shadow' reflects the luminous part of us. Translated into everyday language: it's about music that underlines our most positive aspects.

Most of the pieces are part of the upcoming album «Sombras blancas» (White Shadows).

Danzarín (Julián Plaza)
Waltz in E major, B. 44 (Frédéric Chopin)
Para una mano pequeña (Juan María Solare)
Under the Silver Moonlight (Chinese Folksong)
Barcarola (Juan María Solare)
Melodía de arrabal (Carlos Gardel)
Truro Road (Juan María Solare)
Huellas del silencio (MARIANO GARCIA BERARDI)
Tengo un tango (Juan María Solare)
Gazing (Juan María Solare)
Nada que ver (Juan María Solare)
Flats (Juan María Solare)
Calambre (Astor Piazzolla)
Departure (Juan María Solare)
Zwischen den Jahren (Juan María Solare)
La Puñalada (Horacio «Pintín» Castellanos)

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