Monday 13 February 2017

Vocal Global - Voice Acrobatics

Noga Ritter
Vocal Global
Noga Ritter - voice and piano
DavidX - voice/beatbox and violin

Date - 8th February 2017
Venue - A World in London, Resonance FM, London, UK
Current album  - L'Odyssey (Released on 26th February 2017)

Future Performance
26th February 2017 - Vortex Jazz Club - album launch

Sonic phonic duo Vocal Global on this A World In London!
Click to listen:

Seeing is believing, which is why the blistering voice acrobatics of Noga Ritter and David X, combined as Vocal Global, really MUST be experienced live! Unless you witness them in action, it’s impossible to know which instruments are for real and which ones VC have perfectly replicated, tongue-twisting their way through trumpets, talking drums, and tablas. Beatboxer extraordinaire, David, lays down the jaw-dropping & jaw-emanating rhythm section, transporting the duo through a nomadic journey of beats carved up with jazz and hip-hop. Noga’s rich and powerful voice, sprung from Middle Eastern roots, glides through continents, languages, and meaningful lyrical compositions highlighting global issues & personal stories. VC’s stunning artistry and dynamic dance through song pivots them as profound communicators across all platforms - in care homes with special needs children through their work with Live Music Now - or in clubs/festivals where their exhilarating Vocalstar Galactica performance thrills bedazzled & breathless audiences! See Vocal Global on stage at Dalston’s Vortex Jazz Club, Feb 26th, launching their hotly anticipated, kaleidoscopic debut album, ‘L’Odyssey’!

8/2/17 – AWIL at Res 113 Online: Pic by Layla Gatens. Sketches by Alban Low. Production by Sofia Gaetani Morris & Norman Druker. Also this week, great new global music on AWIL at SOAS Radio featuring Mokoomba, Jaakko Laitinen & Väärä Raha, Mulatu Astatke (Official Artist Page), Orchestra Baobab, Susana Raya, Juwon Ogungbe, plus Koral Society in the studio Next week NAMLO @ SOAS Radio and Joji Hirota @ Resonance.
THURSDAY FEB 16TH Joji Hirota, Namlo, Ailm, Iyatra Quartet: A World in London Live at Club Inégales –Fundraiser for Resonance FM!!! Get tickets here: Support Resonance FM Fundraising Week Feb 13 – 20th London’s ONLY independent arts radio station -
#AWorldinLondon – IN ITS ELEVENTH YEAR! Live on Wednesdays 6.30pm Resonance 104.4 & 4pm SOAS Radio
#London #globalmusic #folkmusic #beatbox #drum #percussion #MiddleEast #Africa #Caribbean with Vocal Global's Debut Album Launch ! ! ! Adesh Sundaresan Resonance 104.4FM Outerglobe Caroline Trettine Alison Rayner Mosi Conde Sama Arts Network WORLD MUSIC

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