Thursday 23 March 2017

JD Kelleher - Intoxicating Magnetism

JD Kelleher

Date - 17th March 2017
Venue - Dublin Castle, Camden, London, UK
Current release  - Avenge The Maybes

Future Performance 2017
6th April 2017 - Wolverhampton, The Robin 2 (Supporting Bernie Tormé)
7th April 2017 - London, The Borderline (Supporting Bernie Tormé)
8th April 2017 - Brighton, The Prince Albert (Supporting Bernie Tormé)

The King of the Cuissardes, JD Kelleher, romped the Dublin Castle into a writhing pit of sweaty bodies and leather glory on St Patrick's Day in Camden this year. Outside overgrown men bumped into one another in a drunken bagatelle but inside his lair Kelleher mixed passion and charisma to create an intoxicating brand of animal magnetism that drew everyone toward his bare-chested embrace.

Matt Lackford
Following his triumphant occupancy of the coveted No. 1 spot at the heights of the Irish Rock Chart with his debut single “Love Will Tear Us Apart”, along with his second single “Imagery” reaching No. 2 in the Irish Rock charts, JD Kelleher thrusts himself back to familiar territory at the top of the (Rock) pile with his most exciting release to date; “Avenge The Maybes”.

Jason Santos
“Avenge The Maybes”, out now, is soaked in classic JD Kelleher swagger and defiance. Kelleher draws upon his rage, humour and character to deliver a truly powerful performance that strikes a unique chord with his audience across all platforms of performance.


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