Tuesday 6 February 2018

Portico Quartet - Roundhouse, Camden

Duncan Bellamy
Portico Quartet
Duncan Bellamy - drums and electronics
Jack Wyllie - saxophones and keyboards
Milo Fitzpatrick - electric and double-bass
Keir Vine - keyboards

Jack Wyllie
Date - 3rd February 2018
Venue - Roundhouse, Camden, London, UK
Current album - Art in the Age of Automation (Gondwana Records, 2017)

Future performance 2018
Apr 05 - Norwich Arts Centre, Norwich, United Kingdom
Apr 06 - Sage Gateshead, Gateshead, United Kingdom
Apr 26 – CBE, Cologne, Germany
Apr 27 – Lido, Berlin, Germany
Apr 28 – Mojo, Hamburg, Germany
May 09 – E-Werk, Erlangen, Germany
May 10 – Ampere, Munchen, Germany
May 11 - Grelle Forelle, Vienna, Austria

Milo Fitzpatrick
Part of In the Round at the Roundhouse (Camden) Portico Quartet performed music from their fourth studio album Art in the Age of Automation, as well as luminous classics from their much loved back catalogue, and live debuts of previously unheard new music.

Keir Vine
Mercury Prize-nominated Portico Quartet have always been an impossible band to pin down. Sending out echoes of jazz, electronica, ambient music and minimalism, the group created their own singular, cinematic sound over the course of three studio albums, from their 2007 breakthrough Knee-Deep in the North Sea, and 2010 John Leckie produced Isla, to the self-titled recording Portico Quartet in 2012. Now rebooted as Portico Quartet, with the return of Keir Vine on hangs and keys after a brief spell as the three-piece Portico, the group released their fourth studio album Art In The Age Of Automation on forward thinking indie jazz and electronica label Gondwana Records in August 2017. It’s been hailed as possibly their finest album yet, with the band simultaneously delivering both a return to their mesmeric signature sound and fresh new sonic departures in their new music.

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