Tuesday 13 November 2018

Stealth - The Real Truth and Nothing But


7th November 2018
St Pancras Old Church, London, UK

Hailing from Birmingham, UK singer/songwriter Stealth crafts highly intimate and powerful blues infused music that reveals the depths of his soul. His strong raspy voice echoes the influence of his idols Howlin’ Wolf and Etta James. Stealth has also been carving a distinct mark on the live scene.

Stealth launched the second single off his forthcoming Chorus EP entitled “Truth Is” at Pancras Old Church in London last week. Stealth elaborated: “This single is one I've been excited about since I wrote it with Michael Angelo and Ali Tennant! Personally it feels like a real step up from some of the other things I've released. It's the first time I've really pushed myself as an artist. Writing a song that is happy for once. Also it's an area of my voice not many people have heard - it adds to the vulnerability of the song which is about a man confessing his true feelings to someone.”

“Truth Is” is available for purchase / streaming now at https://ffm.to/truthis. It can also be found on the FIFA 19 soundtrack alongside Barns Courtney, Billie Eilish, Broods, Childish Gambino, Death Cab For Cutie, Gorillaz, Logic, and many more.

Stealth owes much of his success to his hit single “Judgement Day” which was featured on an episode of US TV series Suits, resulting in a phenomenal reaction on both sides of the Atlantic. The track has racked up over 10 million streams on Spotify and YouTube combined and continues to grow everyday. Additionally, “Judgement Day” charted globally in 12 countries on Shazam who described it as “This year’s ‘Take Me To Church.’

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