Tuesday 20 November 2018

Nina Miranda and Kadialy Kouyaté - Norman Druker Special

Nina Miranda

14th November 2018
A World in London, Resonance FM, Borough, London

Brazil met up with Senegal on A World In London this week – not on a boat in the mid-Atlantic, but in the Resonance FM radio studio – with two of these countries finest artists creating a musical treat for us.

Kadialy Kouyaté
Nina Miranda and Kadialy Kouyaté have both guested before on AWIL, but never played live together on air. In fact, their first public performance was about ten days ago. On the strength of this, AWIL asked them to recreate it for the listeners of London, and they were both happy to.
Nina told us about her latest album (with one track already a hit in Portugal), and paid tribute to one of her musical influences. Kadialy Kouyaté, meanwhile, continues working on solo projects, collaborations, musical theatre, kora teaching and, thankfully for us, live radio sessions.
As well as having the honour of being in the presence of two great singers and players improvising some haunting and beautiful music together...... I've now met someone who's appeared on Top Of The Pops!

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