Wednesday 17 July 2019

Joo Yeon Sir - Expression and Confession

Joo Yeon Sir 
Award-winning violin virtuoso & composer Joo Yeon Sir on this A World in London!

Within the first few bars of Joo Yeon Sir’s opening piece on AWIL it became apparent that we were in the presence of greatness. To be honest, we experience that feeling on a regular basis given the great tide of tremendous talent that walks into our studio, but even so, Joo Yeon’s powers of expression and violin virtuosity was extra special. Even more remarkable was her humble confession that she doesn’t yet see herself as a composer, but we’re hungry for more of her original work having heard ‘My Dear Bessie’ which was her first commission. But what of Joo Yeon the performer? Well she’s a multi-award winning musician that has toured the globe, gracing the most prestigious venues in the classical world, and does all of this as a solo artist outside of the orchestral realm. The day we met her she’d just taken a train back from the Lichfield festival with her pianist partner Irina Andrievsky, who also happens to be the only other instrumentalist featured in Joo Yeon’s second and brilliant album, ‘Chaconnes, Divertimento, & Rhapsodies’. Arriving fresh as daisy to give a genuine and candid interview plus live session on AWIL, Seoul born Joo Yeon frequently speaks of her love for the violin, and when she plays it, cradled as a fifth limb, it sings from her heart. Fortunately she was never tasked with having to learn an instrument unwillingly, and instead her amateur pianist mother upon recognising her talent, sought out the best school she could find. That turned out to be the Purcell school in London and so the entire family relocated to the UK when Joo Yeon was just nine. The rest is history and the future is deliciously tantalising – hear all about Joo Yeon on this AWIL – and see her on stage in the capital at St. James Piccadilly on August 23rd! Find her full concert schedule at

10/7/19 – AWIL 218. Online: Production & pics by Norman Druker, Sophie Darling, Lucas Keen, artist Alban Low. Also this week Sophie Darling & Strut Records’ Quinton Scott at SOAS Radio. Next week Hanitra at SOAS Radio & Samba Azul at Resonance. Download the AWIL Album Wonderland 2018 from #Spotify! Top 50 global CDs handpicked by#AWorldinLondon – Click here:  #TheSoundofDiverseLondon #ConnectingCulturesThroughMusic – thirteen years - #DJRitu. Live on Wednesdays 6.30pm Resonance 104.4 & 4pm SOAS Radio  Online worldwide at #Mixcloud. Join us on Twitter & Instagram @aworldinlondon @djritu1  

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