Monday 29 June 2020

The Interloper's Guide to Fort Atkinson (USA) ep.3

Join Kevin Acott, Harvey Wells and Alban Low on The Interloper's Guide to Fort Atkinson (USA). Every episode the trio travel to a new location around the world in a quest to capture the spirit of the place. It is a search for the sensation of Hiraeth, a homesickness for a place you have yet to visit. Their experiences don't rely on aeroplanes or long distant travel but a mixture of music and words on this 20 minute programme. In Episode 3 they visit Fort Atkinson in Jefferson County, Wisconsin, USA (population 12,000). This programme is part of the 'A World in London' radio series.

Listen here or follow the link below -

1 - Empty - Kevin Abstract
2 - Sunshine & Lust Are No Longer Enough - Luna Luna
3 - Midwest Elegy - Simon Balto
4 - Sauk and Fox Peyote Song - Brian Stoner
5 - High Flying Bird - Judy Henske
6 - Turnpike - Charlie Ventura Quintet With Jackie Cain & Roy Kral

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