Monday 7 December 2020

South Africa and Lesotho - Vinyl Joblottin' ep.20

 Each week on Vinyl Joblottin’ we buy a bundle of vinyl at auction (or find one in a record shop, charity shop, car boot sale, etc). The records are a slice of a collection, giving us a glimpse into a collector’s past. Then we spin each joblot into a theme for you.

Welcome to Vinyl Joblottin'
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Earlier this year I made the All Vinyl A to Z of Africa radio programme for SOAS Radio, Radio Nope and A World in London. It was a voyage of discovery, revealing stories about the culture, history, geography and music of the continent. I hope you’ll join me in learning a little more about South Africa and Lesotho, through their music, places and faces. 

Alban Low is your Joblotter. Part of the 'A World in London' radio series. This Joblot of 7 records cost £16.28.

1. Wena - Martha M'Denge
2. Chapita - Dick Khoza
3. Inkonjana - Choeurs Lingo & Zoulou
4. Bokkie - Nico Carstens And His Orchestra
5. Itileni (The Train) - Group Of Young Xhosa Men
6. Sesotho Hymn - The Maseru and Holtse Methodist Choir
7. Akanji Gele Malega - Nyanja Tribe / Chewa Tribe

This radio programme is part of the A World In London Radio Series, more information at

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