Monday 22 February 2021

Face of the Fifties - Vinyl Joblottin' ep.31

Each week on Vinyl Joblottin’ we buy a bundle of vinyl at auction (or find one in a record shop, charity shop, car boot sale, etc). The records are a slice of a collection, giving us a glimpse into a collector’s past. Then we spin each joblot into a theme for you.

Welcome to Vinyl Joblottin'
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It’s easy to think of the 1950s as the end of an era, with the newness of the 1960s just around the corner. All the records this week are shellac or 78s, a format that died in this decade. Despite this demise the 1950s was also a time for new music, fresh fashion, literary firsts, poignant artworks and exciting sporting debuts. 

Alban Low is your Joblotter. Part of the 'A World in London' radio series. This Joblot of 7 records cost £6.46.

1. Bea's Flat - The Fabulous Chet Baker Quartet
2. Honey Honey - The Deep River Boys With Sid Phillips And His Band
3. Flannel-Foot - Bert Weedon
4. Gimme A Beat On Your Ding Dong - Ivan Brown And His Calypso Music
5. Marzipan - The Steve Race Bop Group
6. Serenade To An Empty Room - Frank Weir And His Orchestra
7. KalĂș - Dalva De Oliveira With Roberto Inglez And His Orchestra

This radio programme is part of the A World In London Radio Series, more information at

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