Monday 15 February 2021

Top Italian Hits - Vinyl Joblottin' ep.30

Each week on Vinyl Joblottin’ we buy a bundle of vinyl at auction (or find one in a record shop, charity shop, car boot sale, etc). The records are a slice of a collection, giving us a glimpse into a collector’s past. Then we spin each joblot into a theme for you.

Welcome to Vinyl Joblottin'
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My first musical experiences came through hearing my parents’ record collection. So when I saw this album, Top Italian Hits, in a joblot, it immediately transported me back to my youth. It was one of my Mum’s favourite records. My brothers and I would play it regularly alongside a battered copy of Geoff Love’s Big Western Movie Themes. 

Alban Low is your Joblotter. Part of the 'A World in London' radio series. This Joblot of 7 records cost £2.57.

1. Guarda Che Luna - Marino Marini Quartet
2. Lady - Peppino Di Capri E I Suoi Rockers
3. Ora Sai - Nico e i Gabbiani
4. Un Homme Est Venu - Fausto Papetti
5. Ehi Tu! - Germana Caroli
6. Muttètti Di Lu Pàliu - Giuseppe Di Stefano
7. Vagabondo - Nicola Di Bari

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