Monday 21 March 2022

David Gunawardana, Doves Vagaries and Whiteland & Gilchrist - Twickfolk

David Gunawardana

13th March 2022. Supporting Suntrap.

The Cabbage Patch Pub, 67 London Road, Twickenham, Middx. TW1 3SZ

David Gunawardana
There is a magical gentleness about David Gunawardana's music. Capturing spirits from his Sri Lankan roots, he sparks them into meandering dancing lights, and tales that glow in the imagination.

Doves Vagaries

Doves Vagaries

Duo Sarah Pavey and Chris Evans with songs and music spanning 12th to 19th centuries.

Lynne Whiteland 

Lynne Whiteland & Hector Gilchrist

Lynne Whiteland has been singing all of her life. She got my first guitar at the age of 11, and has spent the last 40 years making music with the English folk music ensemble Tudor Lodge.

Ayrshire-born, Surrey based, Scottish folk singer, Hector Gilchrist has been a popular performer on the Folk scene since the 1960s. A favourite at Twickfolk.

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