Tuesday 22 March 2022

Sampson Low Student Pamphlet Launches - Writers' Kingston Poetry

Stanimir Dimitrov

Sampson Low Student Pamphlet Launches
14th March 2022
Town House Building : Courtyard Venue, Kingston University, UK

Kayona Daley

Writer's Kingston Pamphlets
man/ia – Stanimir Dimitrov https://sampsonlow.co/2022/03/15/man-ia-stanimir-dimitrov/
AQUA & LUNA – Kayona Daley https://sampsonlow.co/2022/03/15/aqua-luna-kayona-daley/
Smrt – Safia Kamel  https://sampsonlow.co/2022/03/15/smrt-safia-kamel/

Safia Kamel

Designed to evidence the remarkable contemporary and innovative poetry being written by current and recent Kingston University Creative Writing students, this series of beautifully designed pamphlets each features a suite of poems, most often on one theme or in one style, by a solo author. The series mark the first publications of many poets who are very likely to be significant presences on the UK scene and beyond in the coming years.

Readings from Kingston students past and present

Julia Rose Lewis

Julia Rose Lewis
is the author of Phenomenology of the Feral (KFS 2017) and co-author with James Miller of Strays (HVTN 2017).  Miscellaneous is her fifth pamphlet after: Zeroing Event (Zarf 2016), Exhalation Halves Lambda (FLP 2017), How to Hypnotize a Lobster (2018), and Archeology and the Beast (Luminous Press 2018). 
Review of Miscellaneous

Marcia Knight-Latter

Marcia Knight-Latter
is a poet and writer. She studied Creative Writing with Psychology at Kingston University. She published the pamphlet Ramblings External with Sampson Low in 2019 and has performed her poetry at venues such as Rich Mix, Rose Theatre and The Museum of Futures.

Ariel Bertelsen

Ariel Bertelsen
is an Icelandic writer, with Spanish background, living in London.

Richard Howson

Readings from The Book of Penteract
by Teo Eve, Susie Campbell, Chris Kerr and SJ Fowler

SJ Fowler

THE BOOK OF PENTERACT presents our biggest project to date - a 200 page, full-colour, hardback anthology featuring 45 of the most exciting poets currently working in the fields of constrained, formal, and visual poetry. This is a casebound edition, with a striking red ribbon bookmark and black and red head and tail-bands.

Chris Kerr

Susie Campbell

Teo Eve

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