Friday 30 October 2020

Kingston, Norfolk Island - Interloper's Guide ep.8

Join Kevin Acott, Harvey Wells and Alban Low on The Interloper's Guide to Kingston (Norfolk Island). Every episode the trio travel to a new location around the world in a quest to capture the spirit of the place. It is a search for the sensation of Hiraeth, a homesickness for a place you have yet to visit. Their experiences don't rely on aeroplanes or long distant travel but a mixture of music and words on this 20 minute programme. In Episode 8 they visit Kingston on Norfolk Island. (population 1,748). This programme is part of the 'A World in London' radio series.

Listen here or follow the link -

1. Norfolk Island Palm - Double Geography
2. Love Song - Mutiny On The Bounty soundtrack
3. Hip Replacement - Directions in Groove
4. Delta Dawn - Helen Reddy
5. I Want You To Be My Baby - Eric Jupp & The Coronets

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