Monday 2 November 2020

Italian Cinema - Vinyl Joblottin' ep.15

Each week on Vinyl Joblottin’ we buy a bundle of vinyl at auction (or find one in a record shop, charity shop, car boot sale, etc). The records are a slice of a collection, giving us a glimpse into a collector’s past. Then we spin each joblot into a theme for you.

Welcome to Vinyl Joblottin'
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Every Friday a dealer supplies me with ten random foreign discs. In recent weeks these joblots have revealed a rich vein of Italian vinyl from the 1960s. The music led to a wonderful era of Italian cinema and its leading actresses. Welcome to the world of gialli, musicarelli and commedia all'italiana.

Alban Low is your Joblotter. Part of the 'A World in London' radio series. This Joblot of 6 records cost £5.05.

1. Caccia All'Uomo - Tony Dallara
2. L'Uomo D'Oro - Caterina Caselli
3. Quando Quando Quando - Tony Renis
4. Ho Bisogno Di Te - Nini Rosso
5. Volare - Domenico Modugno
6. Libero - Claudio Villa
7. Lo Sai Tu? - Little Tony

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