Monday 9 May 2022

Czechoslovakia - The Vinyl Thread ep.61

Welcome to The Vinyl Thread with Natalie and Alban Low. This week we have a fascinating 20 year slice (1955-1975) of Czechoslovakian vinyl, with music holding tight to the traditions of the past, and also reaching forward to the future and new freedoms. Join us for 20 minutes of vinyl and shellac, we spin flea market finds and auction lots into a themed selection for you to enjoy. 

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1. Eva Olmerová - Jsi Jako Dlouhý Most
2. Jaroslav Krček - Dal Husar Koně Kovat
3. Karel Vlach Se Svým Orchestrem - Kdo Šetří, Má Za Tři
4. Moravská Cimbálová Muzika (Lead Vocals – Hana Giacintová, Marie Vyoralová, Zdenka Hovorková) - K Horám Slunéčko
5. Moravská Cimbálová Muzika (Lead Vocals – Hana Giacintová, Zdenka Hovorková) - Oj, Letěla Bílá Hus
6. Jarmila Veselá - Už Podzim Pláče Do Zahrad (Already Autumn Crying Into The Gardens)
7. František Wimmer– Selka Volá Puta, Puta (Farmer Woman Calls The Chicks) 

Next week we celebrate the Voice, its versality and expressive range.

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