Sunday 26 October 2014

Careless Sons - The Lexington

Ben Donnelly - Bass
Rob D'Ath
It was the end of a 7 date tour for the Careless Sons of Rob D'Ath, Ben Donnelly, Dickon Collinson and Stefan Hale at The Lexington, London (17/10/2014) last week. The previous 10 days had seen them visit Cambridge, Manchester, Gateshead, Liverpool, Leeds and Nottingham but hadn't dented their enthusiasm for the sold out crowd before them.

Dickon Collinson
Since that gig they have officially launched their debut EP, Carbon Dating, which is available through Bandcamp for £3 (4 original tracks). If you listen to the tunes though it will not tell the full story. The EP describes rites of passage epiphanies through the melodic pop-rock voice of Dickon Collinson. It is high energy with pulsing guitar waves. It is charismatic.

In the thick of a live performance Careless Sons are more than this.  The Collinson charm cuts the cake rather than being the sweet filling that saturates it. Donnelly has a presence beyond his musical contribution, while Ath's guitar was strong and raw.

It was the contribution of Stefan Hale that created the heaviest pulse of the night. The power of his drums not only balanced the threat of affection in Dickon Collinson's lyrics but also added a physical taste of musical blood in the mouth of the audience.

Stefan Hale - drums
If you would like a taste of Careless Sons yourself then they have just announced a Christmas Party (with mince pies and special guests) at The Islington.
6th December 2014,
Tickets here -

See for yourself.


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