Thursday 16 October 2014

The Healing - Childhood Home EP launch

Jim Moreton - The Healing
The Healing launched their latest EP, 'Childhood Home', at the Gladstone Arms on Saturday night (11/10/2014) with a short, yet complete set. A wash of genres awaited the sardined audience as they jostled under the vermillion lights of this popular Borough haunt.

Ariel Moreton
Harmony Vocals
Jim Moreton is the driving force on guitar and lead vocals. He traversed the opening songs as though on a transcontinental road trip. Expansive vistas stretched on either side, enough space for minds to wander. There were sparks in the words though and a smouldering of meaning. A tinder that ignited latent sentiments.

Sam Thiery - Bass
'No Virtue' was the central point of the performance. Jim Moreton parked his wandering country drawl at the door and gave us his passionate best. The bass of Sam Thiery was felt fuller and stronger. There was an imbalance in the cramped condition between drums and bass and it was the latter that was often called upon to smooth the way. This was a mere temporary glitch. Listen for yourself at where you can download the EP for free.

With both Sam Thiery (bass) and Nicolas Py (drums) in the furthest corner I managed only impressionistic sketches. Sometimes though they come in handy to explain a players demeanour. Thiery has the straightest of backs while he plays, in fact so straight be bends the opposite way that you would expect.

Nicolas Py - drums
Nicolas Py in contrast, was a ball of energy in a space far too small to contain him. Hunched over, with shoulders somewhere near his ears, he fired hard and raw volleys into the Gladstone throng.

Their final tune 'I heard it through the grapevine' could furnish me with many a pun to finish this post. You though, don't need anything as arbitrary as my hearsay to tell you to visit their website Or see them for yourselves at The Spice Of Life on 12th November 2014.


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