Wednesday 29 October 2014

Max Luthert - Orbital CD launch

Max Luthert - Bass
Duncan Eagles
Tenor Saxophone
The Pizza Express Soho is as thick of atmosphere as it is of crust. The cavernous interior brings a camaraderie to its denizens. With only candles to light your way, every bite and every sound can be consumed in isolation. It is hard though for an artist to draw in the darkness. So here is my interpretation of Max Luthert's Orbital album launch at the Pizza Express Soho last week (20/10/2014). It was pure intuition that reached the page, so excuse the simplicity of the sketches.

Chris Philips
A year and a week ago on 14th October 2013 Max Luthert recorded the music for his debut album 'Orbital' at Clown Pocket's Studio (link to words/sketches). Once again his talents have been championed by Whirlwind Recordings and the label's founder, Michael Janisch, who was Luthert's mentor/teacher during his formative years.

Dave Hamblett -
There are better reviewers than me, more discerning in their technical interpretation of Max Luthert's prowess. So please visit Sarah Chaplin's excellent piece (with Rob Blackham's photography) on the London Jazz website. There were musical heavyweights in attendance, influential young guns and one or two familiar jazzfaces.

Matt Robinson
In the gloom I was able to sketch one of my heroes, Chris Philips, whose radio show I listen to while working in the studio. To be selected for his Blue Print radio programme is an honour for any musician. In front of me sat Ollie Howell who has recently been cast in Philip's blue glow. The Sky Award winning pianist was relaxing before recording a new album himself.
Amongst other musicians attending were Leo Appleyard who has just released his debut too, Pembroke Road (F-IRE 75) and trumpeter Paul Jordanous. All from the Kingston stable where Luthert and saxophonist Duncan Eagles cut their musical teeth.

Gareth Lockrane
Gareth Lockrane glowed throughout the night with his supernatural flute powers, especially on the early tune 'Pacific Before Tiger'. The performance of the night was from the collective itself though and fortunately it was the title of the album 'Orbital'. It has a repressed pull that is infectious. There is a pulse which hammers home and your blood doesn't feel like your own when you are taken by its grip. It reminds your body of substances that are called addictive.

Seb Pipe - Alto Saxophone
The album is released on Whirlwind Recordings (WR 4659)
Buy it here -


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