Friday 10 October 2014

Peacock Affect - George Holman

Peacock Affect - George Holman
It was a short set at The Water Rats in King's Cross last Wednesday 08/10/2014. George Holman is also known as Peacock Affect. He's from Exeter. His tunes are emotional and thick with the gravy of human condition.

Peacock Affect - George Holman
Originally Peacock Affect was the name of the band he wanted to start but he was very much alone on the stage when I sketched him. He played in the dark, he wore dark clothes and his new romantic fringe was the curtain call to the promise within. His words were buried much deeper than any 80's unisex fop. They nestle amongst the old romantics like Shelley and Byron in their melancholia.

His name Peacock Affect incenses the grammar police. People dissect its meaning. People listen to his tunes. People tell him to cheer up or say it touches them like nothing has touched them before.

I spoke with George after the performance. He was nervous that he would wear out his favourite songs. He said "Last year I wrote nine songs, this year I wrote two. I have to be in the right mood".
The mood sums itself up perfectly with his lyric for the song The Middle 'We all die in the end,
But at times I want to die in the middle, But now I think it's the end."

I wish George had played his set all over again. Starting at the beginning and finishing at the end.
Time enough to sink yourself into his existential middle.


His dates this month are -
14th Oct, The Abbey Tavern, London
15th Oct, The Green Room, Sheffield
16th Oct, The Dublin Castle, London
18th Oct, The Eagle, Salford...
20th Oct The Unicorn, Manchester
24th Oct,  Indietro Secret Festival, Brighton

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